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Dealing With Divorce

Families dealing with divorce are facing tremendous challenges. While every divorce situation is different, they are all difficult for everyone involved. Gillsville Law understands that divorce is personal, and our attorneys are experienced in resolving each case in a timely manner so that you can move forward with your life.

Working Through Child Custody

Many couples facing divorce are also making tough decisions about child custody and child support. It is challenging enough to experience separation with a spouse, but separation from a child can be especially emotionally overwhelming. 

Children need to face the transition with as little stress as possible. Our extensive experience as family law attorneys ensures that children’s best interests remain a priority throughout the divorce process and in the future. 

At Gillsville Law, our attorneys specialize in representing divorce cases in relationship to permanent residency. If there is a chance that divorce would change your immigration status, please contact our lawyers to review your specific case.