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Grow Your Family Through Adoption 

Adoption is a special way to grow your family, and it can be loaded with questions. As you prepare to bring a child into your family, you will learn that there are several different ways to adopt:

  • Domestic or International
  • Closed or Open
  • Private or Agency

Each type of adoption has different legal obligations and requirements that you must fulfill before the process of bringing a child into your family is finalized. Sifting through the legal information can be a daunting, slow moving task.

Gillsville Law is experienced at providing expert counsel throughout this process regardless of the adoption parameters. Whether you have just begun thinking about adoption or are nearing adoption day, contact us to get all your questions answered. 

Your Guides Through Adoption

Each step of the adoption process leads you closer to bringing a child into your family. While it can be difficult to wait for your new addition, it’s important to carefully consider each step and ensure you fulfill all legal requirements. The future of your family depends on it. 

The adoption process can take as few as six months to complete, but ultimately, it depends on the type of adoption and the child’s situation. 

The Legal Side of Adoption 

There are multiple evaluations to determine your ability to be a parent and different terms to discuss depending on the type of adoption. Our attorneys can help you determine an adoption process that is best for your family and assist in contacting and working with the legal guardians of the child.

Throughout the process, we work to ensure that the needs of the child are addressed and their best interests are kept in mind. If you are thinking of adopting, or wish to know more about our services, please contact us and we can review your options.