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What Our Clients Are Saying
I am very happy with the attention that I received. 10 out of 10 I would highly recommend Inez Grant to my family and friends.
T.J. Gonzalez, Athens, GA
Pue Util, 10 de los 10 Estoy contento po la atencion Si, lo recomendare` a amigos y familiares.
Juan H., Athens
Excellent, very satisfied! Gillsville Law gets a 10 out of 10 Excelente` muy satisfecha 10 out of 10
B Morales, Athens, GA
Inez Grant is always willing to take the time to meet with her clients and listen. Very efficient we reached a favorable settlement.
R. Hernandez Gainesville, GA
Most importantly, they helped me to understand my case, and understand my rights in my case. I am super happy with the attorney Inez Grant.
M. Carillo, Gainesville, GA
Inez helped me with my divorce. Score 10. Would you recommend Gillsville Law, LLC to your friends and family? YES
S. Petra, Gainesville, GA
10 Estoy muy contento con su trabajo, y muchas gracias, por todo su ayuda.
H. Francisco, Gainesville, GA
En un escala 1-10, mi experiencia con Gillsville Law = 10. Competente, Seguridad, se segura a recomendar Gillsville Law a mis amigos y familia.
The Barcenas Family, Gainesville, GA
Very satisfied, 10 out of 10. Thank you very much Gillsville Law! Muchas Gracias, Gillsville Law, lo MAXIMO!
M. Valea, Gainesville, GA
Good services, fast and timely.
J. Solis, Forsyth, GA
The attorney Inez Grant handled my case in a very good way, that protected myself and my future. Inez was vey professional. She always took the time to answer my questions and explain my case. I give the entire experience at Gillsville Law a 10. Thank you.
Q. Arteaga, Gainesville, GA
Inez Grant and Gillsville Law gets a 10, 10 10!
M. Alicia, Cumming, GA
Inez Grant and everyone in the office always kept me informed and answered my questions. From the beginning, Inez was kind to me and she treated my case with a lot of responsibility, also she always relieved my doubts, thank you.
R Hernandez, Cumming, GA

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