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Criminal Charges

I have been charged with a crime, what should I do now?

Georgia has many criminal laws which can be violated at any time by any person.  Gillsville Law, LLC has the experience to handle most crimes in Georgia.  The list below is examples of cases handled routinely by Gillsville Law, LLC.

Remember Georgia punishes conviction for criminal acts harshly with jail, probation, with large fines and sur charges. Many victim crimes require the payment of restitution.  

Most of Georgia's traffic laws result in the suspension of your driver's license, restitution to victims, large fines and court fees, incarceration in a jail. It takes experience with these types of crimes to navigate through the criminal justice system.  

Criminal Offenses we can provide legal assistance to you when Gillsville Law, LLC handles you or your family member's case.

Theft Crimes These types of crimes involve taking or receiving another's property illegally. This may be through a direct taking, a deceptive act or converting someone else's property.  Many thefts include some type of scheme.  Understanding how the State puts these cases together goes a long way in properly defending this type of criminal charge.

Shoplifting In Georgia, based on the amount of the items stolen, shoplifting can be prosecuted as a felony or a misdemeanor.  The State has the burden to prove the amount of the items as well as the manner in which the item was taken.  Shoplifting is also charged when an individual fraudulently refunds merchandise or changes pricing on items.

 Assault Assault occurs when your action places someone else  in immediate fear of injury or death, the crime of assault is charged. This offense does not require actual physical contact or harm in order to be prosecuted. If the assault involves an intention to rape, rob or murder, the penalties you face will be substantially increased. Because actions sometimes speak louder than words, you need an experienced attorney to defend these crimes.

Battery Battery is when you actually make physcial contact with another person resulting in substantial physical harm.  In Georgia a battery against a spouse or other family member can be charged as Family Violence Batter.  The types of cases carry heavy fines, counseling and sometimes jail sentence.  In addition, FVA can affect your ability to be hired in certain jobs as well as affect you ability to own a firearm in Georgia.

Drug Crimes Georgia drug offenses include illegal possession, possession with intent to sell, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking, cultivation or driving under the influence of drugs. These crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on various factors such as the type and amount of drugs involved and other circumstances. Because of the far reaching consequences of drug crimes it is essential you be represented by an experienced attorney. 

You should always contact an attorney whenever you or a family member is faced with criminal charges.  Gillsville Law, LLC can provide you with assistance you need to face any criminal charge.

You should always feel free to contact our office with questions you may have regarding any pending charges you or a family member may be facing.  You can call 770 297-0620 or email us at