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What Our Clients Are Saying
Inez helped me with my divorce. Score 10. Would you recommend Gillsville Law, LLC to your friends and family? YES
S. Petra, Gainesville, GA
En un escala 1-10, mi experiencia con Gillsville Law = 10. Competente, Seguridad, se segura a recomendar Gillsville Law a mis amigos y familia.
The Barcenas Family, Gainesville, GA
I am very happy with the attention that I received. 10 out of 10 I would highly recommend Inez Grant to my family and friends.
T.J. Gonzalez, Athens, GA
Excellent, very satisfied! Gillsville Law gets a 10 out of 10 Excelente` muy satisfecha 10 out of 10
B Morales, Athens, GA
Inez Grant and Gillsville Law gets a 10, 10 10!
M. Alicia, Cumming, GA
10 Estoy muy contento con su trabajo, y muchas gracias, por todo su ayuda.
H. Francisco, Gainesville, GA
Good services, fast and timely.
J. Solis, Forsyth, GA
The attorney Inez Grant handled my case in a very good way, that protected myself and my future. Inez was vey professional. She always took the time to answer my questions and explain my case. I give the entire experience at Gillsville Law a 10. Thank you.
Q. Arteaga, Gainesville, GA
Inez Grant and everyone in the office always kept me informed and answered my questions. From the beginning, Inez was kind to me and she treated my case with a lot of responsibility, also she always relieved my doubts, thank you.
R Hernandez, Cumming, GA
Inez Grant is always willing to take the time to meet with her clients and listen. Very efficient we reached a favorable settlement.
R. Hernandez Gainesville, GA
Most importantly, they helped me to understand my case, and understand my rights in my case. I am super happy with the attorney Inez Grant.
M. Carillo, Gainesville, GA
Pue Util, 10 de los 10 Estoy contento po la atencion Si, lo recomendare` a amigos y familiares.
Juan H., Athens
Very satisfied, 10 out of 10. Thank you very much Gillsville Law! Muchas Gracias, Gillsville Law, lo MAXIMO!
M. Valea, Gainesville, GA

Gillsville Law, LLC

** During this time of COVID-19 we are taking many efforts to keep our clients and staff healthy. We currently have limited hours in the office to reduce risk to our employees. We understand the impact this has on our clients. Rest assured, we are working full-time remotely and available for your questions and concerns. Our clients remain our most important focus and we are here to assist you.


Gillsville Law, LLC hopes that all of you and your families are well. We want you to know that we are available by telephone and email to assist you despite this unusual time in our community.

For our immigration clients and potential clients, we would like to remind you that this downtime is a great opportunity for you to explore possibilities that may exist regarding your legal status or citizenship.

For our criminal clients, this downtime offers a unique opportunity to understand the facts and the law related to your case. Many prosecutors are more available than usual with changes in court schedules.

For our civil clients, this downtime offers you time to gather documents and explore the potential resolutions for your case. Most attorneys are available through email and are continuing to discuss these matters.

For our juvenile clients, we remain committed to our contact with you and your children and can assist readily by email or telephone. Those involved in your case are likely working and available.

Rest assured that Gillsville Law, LLC is still here for you and available to all our clients and any new clients that need quality assistance.

You may reach us by telephone or email with questions or full consultations between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

** Durante este tiempo de COVID-19 estamos haciendo muchos esfuerzos para mantener saludables a nuestros clientes y personal. Actualmente tenemos un horario limitado en la oficina para reducir el riesgo de nuestros empleados. Entendemos el impacto que esto tiene en nuestros clientes. Tenga la seguridad de que estamos trabajando a tiempo completo de forma remota y disponibles para sus preguntas e inquietudes. Nuestros clientes siguen siendo nuestro enfoque más importante y estamos aquí para ayudarlo.


Gillsville Law, LLC espera que todos ustedes y sus familias estén bien. Queremos que sepa que estamos disponibles por teléfono y correo electrónico para ayudarlo a pesar de este momento inusual en nuestra comunidad.

Para nuestros clientes de inmigración y clientes potenciales, nos gustaría recordarles que este tiempo de inactividad es una gran oportunidad para que exploren las posibilidades que puedan existir con respecto a su estado legal o ciudadanía.

Para nuestros clientes criminales, este tiempo de inactividad ofrece una oportunidad única para comprender los hechos y la ley relacionados con su caso. Muchos fiscales están más disponibles de lo habitual con los cambios en los horarios de los tribunales.

Para nuestros clientes civiles, este tiempo de inactividad le ofrece tiempo para recopilar documentos y explorar las posibles resoluciones para su caso. La mayoría de los abogados están disponibles por correo electrónico y continúan discutiendo estos asuntos.

Para nuestros clientes juveniles, seguimos comprometidos con nuestro contacto con usted y sus hijos y podemos ayudarlo fácilmente por correo electrónico o por teléfono. Es probable que las personas involucradas en su caso estén trabajando y disponibles.

Tenga la seguridad de que Gillsville Law, LLC todavía está aquí para usted y disponible para todos nuestros clientes y cualquier cliente nuevo que necesite asistencia de calidad.

Puede comunicarse con nosotros por teléfono o correo electrónico con preguntas o consultas completas entre las 9:00 a.m. y las 2:00 p.m. De lunes a viernes.

We offer a FREE 30-minute consultation, call us today.

Ofrecemos una consulta GRATUITA de 30 minutos, llámenos hoy.