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Mediation Services

The Role of Mediation 

In most civil litigation cases, mediation is an acceptable path for reaching an agreement in Georgia. The process, which involves a trained mediator instead of a judge or jury, helps the parties work out a mutually acceptable solution to their disagreement. Both parties must be agreeable to the process for it to be an option. 

  • The Mediation Process. When you utilize mediation services, the mediator normally meets with both parties to allow them the opportunity to present their issues. The mediator then assists the parties in reaching a resolution and reasonable settlement for their dispute.  
  • Mediation Scheduling. In some instances, mediation may be scheduled to resolve a situation prior to any court filings, which saves both parties time and money.

Experienced Mediators

At Gillsville Law, our attorneys have years of experience as successful mediators. We can assist you with a variety of mediation needs.  Contact our office to discuss questions you may have about mediation or to schedule your mediation consultation.