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Expert Navigators on Immigration Law

New programs and changes in the current immigration policies make it crucial for an experienced attorney to represent you.  You do not want an inexperienced attorney to attempt to obtain your lawful status. 

Working Through Immigration

The attorneys at Gillsville Law have extensive immigration law knowledge and decades of experience providing quality, competent and effective legal representation for those who wish to remain in the United States. Our firm gives clients resourceful and progressive solutions to complex and unique situations. We are dedicated and determined to represent every client’s interests personally, effectively and efficiently. Your can be assured, your money will not be wasted.

We expertly handle cases related to:

Other cases we often work with involve the following:

  • New initiative programs from USCIS
  • Post Conviction Relief
  • Juvenile Petitions
  • I-601 Waivers
  • I-601A Waivers

Gillsville Law is fully dedicated to each client’s case. We have the experience, passion and determination it takes to navigate even the most difficult immigration matters. Plus, our professional and ongoing relationship with Ibrahim and Rao means you are getting the most professional assistance you can receive. You can trust that we will work diligently to quickly and ethically handle your case. Contact us today to discuss your situation or to schedule an information session in your neighborhood.