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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

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Family Law

The decision to divorce is never an easy one to make.  However, once you have made the decision the work just begins.  Handling all of these details takes the experience you will find at Gillsville Law, LLC.

Intricacies of child support and visitation need the guidance of an experienced attorney.  At Gillsville Law LLC, we are able to help you determine the appropriate financial support and optimal visitation in the best interests of your child or children.

At Gillsville Law, LLC, you will have an opportunity to express your needs and we will do our best to achieve an outcome that meets your needs.

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Immigration Law

Gillsville Law LLC, has extensive knowledge of immigration law and years of experience providing quality, competent and aggressive legal representation for those who wish to remain in the United States.

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Criminal Law

If you are arrested, you need the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney.  Your actions at the time of arrest and post arrest can dramatically affect your case.

The attorney's at Gillsville Law, LLC have 23 years experience in criminal law.  This experience can be essential to a successful outcome of your case.

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Criminal Charges

Georgia has many criminal laws which can be violated at any time by any person.  Gillsville Law, LLC has the experience to handle most crimes in Georgia.  The list below is examples of cases handled routinely by Gillsville Law, LLC.

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Juvenile Law

If you are dealing with the Juvenile Courts, you want a lawyer that is working to protect your child’s reputation and identity and work to clear their criminal record in order for them to be able to continue to seek a bright future.

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Civil Litigation

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, at some point you will likely find yourself faced with a Magistrate Court hearing.

Magistrate Courts in Georgia handle civil litigation up to $12,000.00. You can file civil claims for a multitude of reasons.

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Mediation Services

In most civil litigation cases, mediation is an acceptable path for reaching an agreement in Georgia. The process, which involves a trained mediator instead of a judge or jury, helps the parties work out a mutually acceptable solution to their disagreement.

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